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Length: 1 minute, "Everybody Fits"

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Creekfleet 2012

We welcome all small sailboats, and participants of any skill level. Sail with Creekfleet!

Length: 1 minute, "Sail for fun!"

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Creekfleet 2011

Put some fun into your day and sail with Creekfleet!

Length: 1 minute 30 seconds, "Creekfleet Sailing Club"

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Creekfleet slide show

We're only missing you! Free and fun. Creekfleet Sailing Club. Participate!

Length: 8 minutes, Cartoon "Sail On, Sail On"

about "Sail On, Sail On"

This Tennessee Tuxedo cartoon aired on CBS 1963

Main character Tennessee and his sidekick Chumley have no idea how to sail —nor why they need a rudder, a centerboard, and an efficient sail rig. That doesn't stop them from starting a Yacht Club.

Laughs are free. Enjoy.

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