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Boat Storage at Stony Creek


We are not the policy makers nor enforcers.If you have questions about the storage at Stony, call Stony. Information provided here is general: what is typically available, the cost, risk, ease, based on creekfleet members' collective experiences over the years.

Can I store my boat at Stony?

Some of us do. NEWS 2016: Stony Creek Metro Park has changed their storage offering significantly: location (moved across the road) and price (now $600 for summer season). You can leave your mast up, as it's a short distance from the storage lot to the launch ramps and there are no overhead wires or tree branches.


"Summer storage" doubled in price from 2015 to 2016: Now: $600 for the season. Winter storage may be less. EVERYONE is required to move their boats out at the end of each season. Stony holds a lottery (one early Spring, one early Fall) to sell the spaces for the upcoming season. First name called in the lottery gets "first pick" of available spaces, and so on. Price may deter interest.

Suggestions from members

Some members are now using other, outdoor storage areas near Stony Creek. Join our email list to learn findings and experience.

If you store at Stony, remove anything from your boat that can be easily stolen (or is expensive, or difficult to replace quickly). Put augers in the ground on both sides of your boat, and securely strap/tie your boat and trailer to those ground anchors, in case of major winds. (We have had tornado-force some years, and precaution is a good thing.) You might want to mention "put ground anchors in" to the guys who are parked on both sides of you too. Boats can topple like dominoes in high winds unless anchored.

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