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May 19 - Sept 1


Creekfleet racing

is easy and informal. Any boat can participate, with any number of people on board. We encourage you to try racing, even if you don't yet know basic rules. No worries. You can learn as you go. Our sailors are friendly and helpful, on and off the water.

If you're not the "competitive type" —you're in good company. Most of us are not our to prove how fast/great/wonderful we are, but rather to improve our sailing skills, thus increasing our enjoyment of the sport. It's just fun sailing together.

How do you race?

We sail a designated course (simple courses, described in our race instructions), and use a 3 minute start sequence. NOTE: our marks are generally in same place on the lake; whether to take marks to port or starboard will be announced, and signaled via our red/green notice on the point.

How many races each day?

Typically, we sail at least two, sometimes up to four races on Thursday evenings. We need to be off the water before dusk. Factors: wind velocity, the amount of boats participating, and the generous nature (and time availability) of our volunteer committee.

We race spring, summer, and fall

See our complete schedule

SUMMER season: Memorial day to Labor day

Thursday evening races start at 6:30 PM. Sunday races start at 10 AM. Be on the water sailing prior, if you don't want to miss the start of the first race.

FALL season: Labor day to Thanksgiving

Sunday afternoon races start at 2:00 PM.

How do you win?

We use Portsmouth Handicap system; we do not race one-design. No one has an advantage over another. We are all about fun and improving. We set two windward marks: new to racing, or slower boats sail the shorter course. This helps all participating to finish timely, and prevents long waits between starts.

Cost to participate

There is no cost to race with us, though you will need a pass for your car and your boat to get into Stony Creek Metro Park. You can purchase an annual, or daily, pass from the park as you enter. (The park considers you a senior if you are 62.)

Where do I go?

Go to the BOAT LAUNCH at Stony Creek. Along the drive to the ramps, pull off to the side, where you can put your mast up, and rig/ready your boat for launching. Others rigging are likely Creekers and can probably answer questions you might have. Tell our committee person, who usually will be walking around with a clipboard (or may already be on the grassy point), that you'll be sailing with us. He/she will likely have a form you can fill out on the spot, or you can download the PDF registration form, and fill it out fefore you arrive. We'll need your name, the kind of boat you're sailing, your sail color, and ideally, your sail number (so we can identify you).

What if I'm late?

Join in best you can.Join in best you can. Sail by the committee on the grassy point anytime before the start of the second race. We'll note your sail number, and include you in the the next race/s.

Can I watch from land?

Absolutely. There's a good view from the grassy point, where our sailing committee sets up, and onlookers gather. Ask questions, chat. See for yourself how easy it is, and how fun we are.

What kinds of boats sail, and how many participate?

All kinds. Our record attendance is 29 boats; most Thursday evenings draw a dozen or more. Types you'll likely see: Catalina 16.5, 14.2, Expo 14.2, Sunfish, Laser, Buccaneer, Mutineer, Pintail, Super Snark, Hobie 16 and 18, Holder 14, CL... we've had sailing kayaks, windsurfers, home-crafted boats.... Any boat with a sail is welcome to join us.

We encourage people to be aware of the weather forecast, but remain optimistic: iffy and ho-hum forecasts have turned into some of our best sailing days. We don't know what it will be like until we get there. Prepare to sail. You can always change your mind.

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