Creekfleet Sailing Club

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watching from sunfish mentoring

Be a mentor

Do you sail?

Participate. Sail with us often. Share tips when opportunity presents itself, and the time seems right.

Are you an experienced small boat sailor with no boat?

If you've no boat, but you're still small-sailboat agile, offer to crew for a newer sailor in his boat. Remember how grateful you were when someone made that magic suggestion that made your sailing day go a whole lot better? Or, maybe you've raced before. Help a newer skipper listen for the starting sequence, spot the marks, understand the course, learn how to spot wind shifts....

Are you experienced, but no longer able to sail?

We welcome all smiling sailors! Volunteer to committee, or help committee, one race day. An extra set of eyes is always welcome. Take photos and share them. Answer questions about sailing. Give tips to our sailors when asked. Hold a bow line. Encouragement goes a long way. Stay in our wonderful sport, help us to grow new sailors, and continue to enjoy it yourself!

Join us

On the docks, on the water, as we're rigging. Everyone likes smiles, and a kind word is always welcome.

Help promote sailing and our club

Tell your friends, family, and co-workers about Creekfleet. Post a Creekfleet flyer at places you frequent. Spread the word, and come play!

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