Creekfleet Sailing Club

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Membership is free

We want you!

You need not be a member to participate, but we hope you will join, officially, sometime during your first season with us. That way we'll have record of your name, get to know the names of your regular crew/kids, what you sail, and learn a bit more about you.


You have no obligation to us. We respectfully ask that you volunteer to committee once each year. This means one time Creekfleet sails, you will be on land, air horn button in hand, starting the races (and recording the finishing times with your pencil). We'll provide you everything you need. It's not difficult, even if you've never done it before. And you'll often get offers to help from our very own peanut gallery of Creekfleet fans.

We encourage you to bring family or friends along. An extra set of eyes to spot the sail numbers as boats finish is handy. There's a sign-up sheet to committee; if it {the Google doc} doesn't open for you, email Marc Meyer, and he'll help you with it. Also, we encourage you to then post on our mailing list that you are committee on (whatever) date, and if you'd like assistance, ask. Great way to get to know other Creekers!

About Being Race Committee

It's fun! The committee is Always Right. The sailors on the course are amiable and forgiving. We all had a first time. We're happy you're helping, and doing your best. And we know you will gain new, and valuable, perspective from the experience.

What we ask of every Creeker

Be nice. Be helpful. Share what you know. Creekfleet is a grassroots club. We each have different personalities and different skills. Do what you do best, and everybody wins.

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