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marc meyer

Meet some of us

Meet Marc Meyer

That's Marc in the red cap on the left. Marc sails a vintage Pintail with a brown deck (photo below). She's still shiny, and I'm pretty sure that Pintail loves Marc—almost as much as he loves her. Marc heads our club, and does a great job of it. He often takes people for rides, and quietly works to grow the Pintail population within Creekfleet. Hey, when you're in love, you can't help yourself.

Meet Bryan Dent

Bryan is in the white hat and sunglasses at the top of this page, though hatless here, in the photo below. He's quietly rigging his Catalina 16.5 at the dock. Bryan's smile and great laugh is contagious; he sure enjoys sailing his boat, and we enjoy him.

We hope to add photos of everyone in Creekfleet, over time.

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