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How much does it cost?

Sailing with us is free, but you'll need a pass to get into the park: one for your car and one for your boat. Daily passes are $10 each, but you can buy an annual car pass for $35 ($21 for senior over 62) and an annual boat pass for $35 ($21 for senior over 62).

Can I sail —but not race with you?

If you're sailing around our buoys and through our start-finish line, our committee will assume you are racing, and do their best to record your starts and finishes. But there's plenty of open lake, if you'd like to sail on the days we sail, but do not wish to participate in our racing.

Family or friends on board who are not trimming sails or steering will enjoy watching other boats too. Most everyone quickly gains confidence, and feels comfortable with our style of racing right away. We are family friendly. Join us!

Is there boat storage at Stony?

Yes. Some of us store our boats there. Official and current information can only be learned by calling Stony Creek Metro Park office, but members have shared their views about boat storage at Stony Creek.

Do you sail other than at Stony?

We encourage participation in outings at other lakes, including Lake St. Clair, though our regular racing and events are held at Stony Creek. The park is beautiful; the (virtually no motor boats and non-busy) lake is easily accessible, and our committee can run our races from land. Those benefits have helped Creekfleet grow its membership.

Why Thursdays?

Repetition: Thursday, every Thursday (all summer), is easy to remember. Attendance is good (many people solidly book their summer weekends with other activities), and our peanut gallery on Thursday evenings is growing too. Sailing regularly will soon become a habit. A great one!

Is seaweed a problem at Stony Creek?

Seaweed on any lake can be a problem at times, though our racing marks are set clear of seaweed beds, and you will learn to avoid certain areas. Stony does treat the lake as their desire, budget, and time allows. Stopping by the park office, voicing your thanks and comments directly, might help.

Rainouts: do you ever cancel? Too windy, calm, rainy...?

forecast signWe rarely have to cancel. We don't know what the weather will be like on the lake until we get there, and chances of getting in some races is excellent. Come! Join our email list to keep up with weather forecast, probable course, and any last-minute announcements.

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