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We're family friendly!

About us

background / history

We wanted a family friendly sailng club. Mix new and want-to-be sailors with been-there and already-won-that sailors. People of all ages who may, or may not, know what fun and value lies in sailboat "racing." Creekfleet is fun-focused, and welcomes participants of all ages and abilities. We are approximately 100 members strong, and growing. Our club started in 2009.

Regardless of the model, brand, or age of the boat owned, you are welcome. No particular one-design required. Creekfleet provides opportunities to learn to sail better by having regular sailing dates, setting an easy-to-understand course, and encouraging everyone to sail around the buoys. For us, sailing is all about fun.

Sometimes, members will crew or skipper another member's boat to see how different each boat feels. Members focus on friendship, sharing tips, and experiences.

We encourage those with a love and knowledge of small boat sailing to become a mentor, and/or participate with your own boat, to grow our club and sport. Creekfleet strives to have a wide variety of skills, boats, and ages represented. Everyone a teacher, everyone a student.

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Who we are

We are individuals, and families. Guys and gals, fathers and sons, wives and daughters, grandpas and kids. We are spouses, singles, friends, who enjoy sailing our small boats together, because it's fun!

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Ask your question via our email list, or email Marc Meyer.

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Chat with members at the lake, or call Mary or Lindy at Avon Sailboats.

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